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At JR Education, we emphasize the importance of promoting international and cultural studies throughout American campuses. We have dedicated over ten years to advocating international programs with our member schools to inspire and encourage communication and interaction between American students and international students. We cooperate with these member schools to create a diversified and ethnically-inclusive educational curriculum.

At JR Education, our ambitions to diversify American campuses and unify students of various cultural backgrounds have led us to reach some accomplishments. We have sponsored overseas missions that have provided opportunities for schools abroad and in America to establish student-exchange programs. We also continue to host students from Korea for short- and long-term periods. In order to fully prepare our staff for the program, we have conducted workshops for teachers and administrators to help understand our international students. Furthermore, we have designed ESL programs, created resource guides, and hired qualified instructors for our international departments at each member school. As a learning environment, the students and staff at JR Education will be prepared to introduce their cultural heritages to the American school systems; in return, our students will experience an American culture that will help aid their abilities to become culturally aware and appreciative individuals.