We at JR Education have long recognized the importance of promoting international studies as part of a young person’s educational journey.  In today’s world, with everything being inter-connected globally, a solid education with an international focus will certainly give an edge to the student in an ever-competitive world.    

For the last seven years, JR Education has been supporting our students through our All-In-One Study Program which supports International Students to develop a solid foundation that will eventually lead them to successful college admission.  The program’s emphasis is in three major areas:  Comprehensive Curriculum, Homestay, and Professional Student Management.

JR Education understands the difficulties that many international students encounter abroad relating schoolwork, social life, and navigating the new environment and culture.  In order to accommodate those needs, JR Education has created an after-school academic program with specially trained instructors who help the students with their studies as well as essential study habits to help the students succeed.  Through this program, test preparation for SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and AP Courses is included as part of the studies.   And then to round out the students’ resumes, the program provides opportunities to participate in community service and internships. 

JR Education has developed and directs the international departments in several of the top-rated schools in the Orange County area.  Through that role, JR Education has respected relationships with administrators and faculty of those schools to fully manage the students’ academic success and to work as liaisons between teachers, administrators, and students. 

JR Education believes that education is for life and through discipline and dedication, a gift that students can carry with them for all of their lives.